The Truth About Cinderella Solution.

The Truth About Cinderella Solution.

Are you fed up of the keto diet? Are you broke from spending all your savings on gym memberships? Are you tired of dieting for what feels like forever? Have you tried all there is, about loosing weight but your body doesn’t seem to follow suit? 

Then here is a natural, no dieting or heavy weight lifting, program for women on the plus size of the scale, discovered by a lady -Carly Donovan, claiming that her weight loss journey  is based on altering the female body’s hormonal system to go in hyper drive, towards loosing lbs and lbs of weight.

And she has put it all up together in her program  ” The Cinderella solution system“. Here is a sneak peak into her program and the science behind.

What is Cinderella solution?

The Cinderella solution is an online program aimed especially for women who want to lose weight naturally, and without any dieting, all in the comfort of your bedroom. 

No heavy exercise regimens in here, no keto diets. Just a plain old japanese principle that the author and her team of researchers discovered, ” Shoku- Iku” which translates to ” flavour pairing”

Here, the author explains how the female body gains weight steadily from her puberty and more so beyond their 20’s. she and her team of researchers found out, that an imbalance in the levels of 3 main hormones in a females body, namely- insulin, cortisol, estrogen are primarily responsible for causing weight gain. 

Her solution aims at altering these hormone levels so as to make your body lose weight on its own ! 

What's in it?

This online program comprises of 6 components

So the Cinderella solution system helps you lose weight by using two basic tools- 

1. Exercise 

2. Nutrition 

You can simply access your program on any digital device – desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and access it at your convenience. Read further for unlocking an easy way to a younger, healthier self. 

Lets have a look at what all is within the program, this overview will help you make an informed decision, and see find out if the program is for you or not.

Part one: The program explained.

Chapter 1) 

  • weight loss from the inside out.
  • Where and how to get started. 
Chapter 2) Weight loss rituals
  • Food coupling
  • Flavour pairing
  • Nutrition timing
  • Slim – sequencing exercises
Chapter 3) Ignite and launch (two- phase approach)
  • Phase 1 – ignite phase
  • Phase 2 – launch phase
  • cycling the ignite and launch phase

Part two: using your daily nutrition blue print book

Chapter 4) Cinderella tools

  • 14 day calendars
  • Daily meal plans
  • Bonus recipies
Chapter 5) Macros and food pairing rituals
  • PRIME proteins
  • ROYAL fats
  • POWER carbs
  • ANGEL carbs
Chapter 6) meal timings and frequency 
  • Ignite : 3 meals daily
  • Launch : 4 meals daily
  • When to eat

Part three: using your movement sequencing exercise guide

Chapter 7) Traditional exercise v/s movement sequencing

Chapter 8) movement sequencing principles

  • Full body sequencing
  • Partial sequencing
  • How much exercise should you do
  • Cycles
  • Don’t over train
Chapter 9) Making time for exercise
Chapter 10) Cinderella tools
For the rest of the parts click here.

Final thought

Still cant decide if this program is for you or not? Is your current weight loss program not making any progress? are you a women between 20s to 50s? Still wanna continue eating cheese, breads and ice cream and still lose weight? Then this program is for you. 

Currently Carly is giving it at 90% discount amounting to only 37$. You can have a look HERE if you are interested.

If in any case you aren’t satisfied with the product then she provides a 60 day money back guarantee. Give it a try, you have noting to lose but the lbs and lbs of fat !