The rule book of baby weaning

According to WHO babies should be weaned not before 6 months of age, but some pediatricians advice starting solid foods from 5 months of age for giving the baby a head start.

The aim for early weaning is to make the baby get used to the taste, consistency, texture of solid foods.

So by the time their gut is ready to digest foods they already have a hang of how to taste and swallow solids.

Initially there’s going to be a lot of spitting, mess, and fun, but go with it.

So lets come to the rules of weaning

1. 3 day rule – each item should be given for a minimum of 3 consequitive days and no 2 items should be introduced together as it will be easier to know the culprit in case of an allergy.

2. Start new items preferably in the morning not in evenings or dinner times.

3.Breastmilk/ formula milk are still the main sources of nutrition for your babies and solid foods are just additional calories.

4.No salt no sugar.

5. Start boiled water.

6. Sterilization of bowls and spoons is of utmost importance. I use a philips steam sterilizer links of which are given below.

7. Storage of home made cereals should be preferably in glass bottles.

The philips avent steam sterilizer. check on amazon

1.The philips steam sterilizer is a better alternative to the traditional boiling method.

2.Saves gas.

3.Its quick. (10mins for one round)

4.Has an auto shutoff (so i dont have to worry about checking it between taking care of the baby)

5.needs inly 10ml of water

6. Has a two tier and a three tier version. (I would suggest buy the three tier one if you using philips, comotomo bottles- bigger size)

I'd love to know your thoughts