Self Care And Wellness Gift Guide For Holiday Season.

Self Care And Wellness Gift Guide For Holiday Season.

What is self care? It is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our emotional, mental, physical well-being. This is a guide to help you put yourself on the priority list somewhere, if not on top. Try these self care and wellness gifts for the holiday season and you won’t regret. Why should I spend on myself, you ask? Here’s why.

Being a mom means no self care whatsoever. My hair is dry, who cares, at least the kids are fed. My skin is developing wrinkles, no time to do something about it. And so many other health and mental problems that we hardly acknowledge because if we do so, then we will have to give ourselves time. And that we can’t afford.

But honey, let me tell you, it’s time to relax. You need that cup of coffee ‘hot’, at least once in a week so Check out my suggestions for pampering yourself with these gift ideas. 

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1. Good eye mask

Sleep is non existent in a mom’s life. If at all we manage to squeeze an hour or two, for a nap, that also goes by, because we cant sleep immediately. These eye masks are my bedside companions. (Plural, because i have many) it helps me in getting a good sleep even though short.

eye mask with gel pad to reduce dark circles and puffy eyes

2. Organic Tea.

All moms binge over some form of beverage. Either tea or coffee. We need these to get on a high, to get our adrenaline rush kicked in. So we can work all day long. So treat yourself with this tea.

Classic green tea

3. Organic Coffee.

Another connoisseur’s choice is this perfect brew. Its aroma is ecstatic and your will definitely not regret spending on this one. Of course if you are a husband, then go for this one from the list. She will love it.

Premium brew. for those tough mornings after exhausted nights.

4. Coffee Mug.

Moms have a kind of OCD. They like things their way. So if you serve her the best coffee but in a different mug that isn’t hers. Then you are in for a scolding.

Finally, you can have that coffee hot.
for the coffee lover mombie

5. Water bottle.

A mamma needs to stay hydrated. Set a reminder on your phone. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. It helps to keep your skin moist, keep your muscles from cramping and decreases signs of aging.

Infuser bottle with e book on recipes for healthy life style.

6. Yoga mat. 

Moms do a lot of work throughout the day. But that doesn’t constitute exercise. That’s because we aren’t exactly burning calories. Start a light Yoga regime. There’s plenty of free tutorial videos available on YouTube (best part about our generation) cut yourself some slack.

Yoga mat

7. Personal diary.

So if you are a stationary buff like me, or just love to write in your free time then gift yourself this lovely organizer. With post its, reminders, short notes etc. For the artist in you, doodle on the crisp pages of my 2nd favorite diary.

The best mom planner there is. with stickers, reminder to do lists, perforated grocery lists and more.
Try this simply daily planner if you don’t like prompts. do it your way.

8. Anti aging cream.

Are you a mom? Then you need this. Period. After having kids, I have come to the conclusion that the process of aging is directly proportional to the number of kids you have. And it increases with double the speed per kid. Do your body a favor. Buy this and use it religiously. Thank me later

Anti aging cream

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9. Slippers.

Soft, thick bottoms, great for everyday hustle, running around the kids. They come in cute little figurine patterns like panda and doggy ears too.

Plush mommy slippers
Plush panda slippers

10. Plush robe.

A moms uniform is pj’s and a food stained t-shirt. Now we don’t want others to know that. Do we? So here’s my favorite robe. Gives you the luxury feels.

Plush robe

11. Hot chocolate.

Liquid gold. (my favorite drink for the tired nights)

I decided to put this on the list when one night I was fed up of stealing my kids chocolates and searching for them the next day with him. I needed to splurge after a long, exhaustive day, but without the guilt of stealing. So hot cup of cocoa in the evening.

12. Body butter.

I know i know we hardly have time to shower, let alone splurging of this kind. But trust me, your skin needs a bit of pampering too. If your skin gets miffed then you know what comes next. Sagging triceps, crows feet around the eyes and lots of cellulite. (As if we don’t have enough of that already).

Body polishing kit.

13. Dry shampoo.

 I believe two groups of people live by this product. Those who are lazy and those who don’t have the time to shower. So if you fall in any of these categories, i.e. a lazy teen or a mom, then spend on this item. Ditch the baby powder hack. It only makes your oily, scaly scalp worse. 

Herbal essence dry shampoo.

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14. Dry body brush set.

No i am talking about yet another hair product. This is for your body. The tons and tons of fat on your thigh isn’t gona go away on its own.

Dry Brushing should be an integral part of one’s bathing routine, it not only gives a Smoother & Softer skin, but also Removes Dead Skin, Clears Clogged Pores, Improves Blood Circulation, Significantly reduces Cellulite & Promotes Tighter Skin. Both men and women should brush their body before shower.

Dry body brush set.

15. Fit bit

My personal favorite item from my wish list. Now if you are a mom, this item is definitely going to make you look stylish and chic, though you’d be in your pj’s all day when your home. But once out, you’re this kick ass tech savvy mom. A really useful tool though. From putting reminders for shopping to seeing who is calling you, when you are juggling two kids, one in each limb. (Oh it’s MIL, might as well not call back)

Fit bit versa. new edition.

So there it is,your perfect gift guide for this holiday season. Go buy some self care and wellness gifts for yourself. Pamper yourself. Or take yourself out to dinner. (Like keanu Reeves does)

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