Sebamed soothing massage oil review.

I was reminessing my immediate post partum days when i just bought my lil princess home. I wouldn’t let any body touch her without sanitizing their hands, even guests (being a doctor its second nature to me now)

When we first came home her bath was the most important part of her routine. what products to use?, should we go for a shampoo?, or stick to soaps?, seperate products for hair n body?, or no products at all?. All these questions keep ringing in our ears when it comes to our precious lil kids and yes they did trouble me too but i was sorted. Thanks to my experience, i knew who to trust. Being a veteran (mom of 2) i stuck to the same line of products that i used for my baby no.1 undoubtedly it was sebamed again without a second thought.

We started lil baby girls bath with a gentle massage with sebamed soothing massage oil and finished her bath with sebamed soap. The oil is non sticky, washes off quickly, has a very subtle and pleasing fragrance and its affordable.
Spreads easily and absorbs quickly.
It comes in a sturdy pump applicator bottle.

Contents: contains 95 percent soy oil, essential fatty acids which ensures superior hydration.
5% wheat germ oil is the richest source of  vitamin E.

Price: approx 450₹ for 150ml. (Always on varying discount on Amazon.)

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