Why you should read to your baby everyday.

Why you should read to your baby everyday.

Reading to my is very close to my heart. This is one habit that i inculcated in my kids from the time they were infants…

I do not need to do any research, search for facts or theories as to when n why should i read to my baby because its something that does only good n no harm. I still remember my first purchase for my lil tot. It was baby book. One huge colorful book with flaps. He’d love to open the flaps to see what was under. He was just 6 months old when i introduced books to him.

We would do story time as a part of our bedtime routine by that time he was 8 months old. N we are still going strong with that habit at 2 yrs old … One story every noon before nap and one in the night. What i noticed is that he wouldn enact the story all on his own without me telling him he would predict the next part. We buy new story books every 3 to 4 weeks. Hence our collection is huge now. Board books it is…they are sturdy, provide a good grip to the baby and are waterproof so we even used them during some of our meal times during teething when nothing would work.

Heres the science behind reading to my baby n how great it is for their development.
Firstly time spent reading together equals bonding time.
These early learning moments are also important for developing your baby’s emotional and social quotient. Your baby’s language skills set starts setting up in the womb itself and no better way than reading to add to that knowledge. For newborns reading helps stimulate hearing. For starters you can talk about  the things you two do together in your day. Your voice is pleasing n relaxing for your baby. Though they wont understand anything but they sure do catch the rhythm and tone in which you speak. So go ahead and grab any book around even your favourite novel and get the most beautiful habit of reading inculcated in your babies.

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