Reading books- A habit to keep Alzheimer’s Dementia at bay.

Reading books- A habit to keep Alzheimer’s Dementia at bay.

Do you know that once you get old, your brain slows down? You can’t read because you lack focus at that age. your attention span will be equal to that of a toddler when you’re old. Alzheimer’s Dementia is once such condition that is commonly seen in old age. But reading books will help keep Alzheimer’s dementia at bay.

When was the last time you read a book? A book that you wanted to read not ones you were forced to read because of the upcoming exams. The amount of reading an adult does after formal education is negligible. People read newspapers that’s mostly out of habit or to keep oneself involved and updated to the latest happenings in the world.

We might occasionally get to read magazines while waiting at clinics or offices for interviews. I remember the last time I did leisure reading was from my little sister’s English textbook. I absolutely loved stories that were fun and engaging. The best part was the moral at the end.

Benefits of reading:

It helps you prevent dementia aka memory loss. Reading is the number one activity I advise for elderly patients. They are usually sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing. Its either because they don’t know how to do daily chores, they forgot, they are too tired or they lack the energy to do it.

Reading helps in keeping the neuronal connections alive. Though reading appears to be a solitary activity you end up being more socially aware after each session. The reason being, reading is like a mental exercise. It jogs your memory. When you are reading a book, you’re using various senses like eye, mouth, and different parts of the brain that help you imagine a scene and put it down in your memory.

You could be sitting in a chair but visit a multitude of places through the pages of a book. So if you want to prevent yourself from getting afflicted by Alzheimer’s dementia or memory loss then pick a few books that you’ve always wanted to read. And get flipping. A few pages a day, of any book, like a spiritual one, Geeta, Quran, Bible or stories from lives of prophets, autobiographies, magazines, thrillers or fiction. You will start noticing a difference in your recollecting power. The episodes of brain fog will reduce in frequency. All because you have shut the autopilot that your life works on, and put your brain to work.

Still, need some motivation to start reading?  take part in the #TBRchallenge?

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Follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Create your profile on the Blogchatter website,

Step 2 – Now log in to your profile, you can find the reading challenge on your dashboard.

Step 3 – Set the goal by entering a numeric value for the books you want to read this year.

Step 4 – You can upload book covers once you are done reading a book.

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That’s it!

 ‘I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter’. Join me and benefit from the group energy. there are many other campaigns running, that can benefit you as a blogger.

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