Ep.#05 Raising kids in the digital age

Ep.#05 Raising kids in the digital age

I would call them a necessary evil. They have successfully retired tons of other devices like the walkman, calculator, alarm clock, etc.

“I thought the invention of the mobile phone was to save our time & money, but  we are doing exactly the opposite.”

Srinivas Shenoy

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This episode is for parents who want to be sure that technology doesn’t harm their child and family. 

I have tons of mommy friends and my patients as well, who complain that their child spends too much time on the screens, won’t step out to play ball, or socialize with friends except during  school. And now with the pandemic even that has ended. 

It’s all over the social media, moms asking in various FB (facebook support groups), 

“Is it ok if my 2 year old doesn’t eat without the television?”

I think most of us know the answer to that. But for those of us who still live under a rock, NO it’s not fine when your two year old is glued to the screens.It has a huge impact on their developing brain. Another reason 

“My toddler loves playing games on the iPad for hours on end and he’s good at it too. Do I need to worry?”


  • Here i am going to discuss the American academy of pediatrics -recommended screen time for kids of all age groups.
  • Tangible tips on how to handle toddlers and their addiction to screens?
  • ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEVICES like alexa or ok google have paved a way into our homes. They make life so much easier for us adults but what about our younger ones who are exposed to it from such a young age?
  • How to stop devices from replacing you in their memories? Yes it’s happening and we aren’t even aware of it.
  • EMOTIONAL HAZARDS of social media use among teenagers. Teens have the ability to alter any and every detail about themselves using various social media apps and they get to see the results first hand. Validation in the form of likes and comments only leads to increased dissatisfaction with one’s true self. 
  • How can we deal with this in a positive way so our teenagers are able to handle themselves better on social media and not get affected by the opinion of their peers or the world?
  •  Have you heard of the term called – TECH NECK SYNDROME
  • If you spend hours hunching over a computer or staring down at a smartphone, you’ve likely been plagued with the pain known as “tech neck.” The condition is caused by repeatedly craning your head down and forward to look at a screen, applying excess pressure on bones and muscles. 
  • DIGITAL DEMENTIA – It is non Alzheimer’s type dementia that occurs in younger individuals.
  • Your children may be at risk for Digital Dementia if they spend hours per day seated in front of technological devices with poor posture and little movement.


You will find some amazing tips and practical advice to deal with the menace of social media and screens.

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Untill then happy parenting

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  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes overuse of technology can harm kids on so many levels and as a parent it is our responsibility to take care of this aspect. Using everything in excess always harm.

  2. I strongly believe that parents must follow and act first before expecting gadget control from kids.

  3. Ishieta

    Unfortunately parents literally seem to be parenting through technology. The convenience should not overshadow the harms … Agree with you that parents need to be aware and help kids

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Yes its more of a convince than a need. They can be perfectly fine if we engage them by other ways.

  4. shagufta121

    There certainly are serious repercussions to overuse of technology. It’s a monster that we all have to deal with but sad part is that we can’t completely kill it also. Thanks for your post.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Absolutely true. Its like a double-side sword. But we have to learn to manoeuvre it for the sake of our kids

  5. mummatalks

    True. Technology can be a blessing and a curse..depends on how we use it… I had also written a article around a year back on similar lines for a website. This lockdown has also made technology our best friend and worst enemy

  6. myworldwitheira

    Technology has become a part of our daily lives now. Even for our kids and practically cannot survive without it. But also keeping it in control is very necessary.

  7. Pratibha

    Wow I really like the way you’ve explained everything in so much detail,kudos to you

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      😊😊😊 Thankyou so much

  8. Pratibha Bhadauria

    That’s an amazing writeup, really appreciate how you’ve listed everything in detail

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Thank you so much Pratibha i am glad you found it useful

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