My toddler doesn’t listen to me.

My toddler doesn’t listen to me.

Hey toddler mom, I feel you. Why those years are called as terrible twos and tornado three’s is more than clear to me now. 

So here i am going to discuss a few tips of making a toddler listen to you, in the midst of their tantrums. Yes you heard me right. Of course it takes a lot of practice for yourself and for your toddler to get used to it. But once you both are at the same level then parenting becomes more or less easy. Sounds like a dream na. 

Let’s dive right in: 

1.Use their birth names: No using nicknames. I personally use my son’s full name whenever i need to scold Him. It sounds like now we are talking business. Also it’s cue for him that something is different now. 

2.Sit down: Bend to their level or better fold your legs and sit so you are at their level. It enables them to follow you better and your instructions.

3. Make eye contact: This one is most important because it gets their attention. 

4.Give short instructions: Once you have your Toddlers attention, don’t give him a lecture. Give short instructions to correct his behaviour and explain what he needs to do to make it right. For eg. If he has spat on the floor – tell him its wrong to spit anywhere or on anyone. And then make him get a cloth and clean it. (Tried it myself, worked each time. let me know if it works for you)

5. The whisper technique: Quiet a famous, tried and tested parenting hack.

When you called your toddler by his name a few times, your are sitting at his level, looking him straight in the eye, and he is just screaming. What do you do? Seems like nothing works.

Then whisper. Very softly, still looking him in the eye, tell the same instructions in a whisper m the child calms down so as to listen to what you are saying. There you go. You have got him to be quiet. Now explain what you need him to do.

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