Motion sickness in babies

Does the thought of traveling with your baby bring nightmares to you? Would you rather spend the whole weekend at your own place tackling kids but not make the trip to your moms just because it involves a car journey?
Well guess what your not alone, many babies and toddlers have motion sickness. Here’s a few tips n tricks on identifying n dealing with the mess.
Babies younger than 2yrs rarely get travel sick bt if they do then your baby has motion sickness

Heres a few signs on how to identify is your baby is motion sick and going to throw up.
1.your baby may seem uncomfortable and upset its due to the abdominal pain usually (the topsy Turvy feeling in your tummy when you’re sick)
2. Your baby starts drooling suddenly thats from the nausea.
3.and lastly u can tell from their faces that something is wrong. (🤢 This face)

Aggravating factors-
1.curvy roads or hills
2. Strong odours like that of perfume.
3. Head movement if not supported well
4. Staring at one thing (nearby object) for eg. The phone or a toy.

How to make your baby feel better-
1. Head should be supported well as in a car seat with additional head support
2. Plan your trip- so it coincides with your babys nap time
3. No screen time
4. Keep the child engaged- talk to them, describe whats outside.
5.try not to feed your baby full
6. Avoid warm heavy clothing.
7. Avoid an afternoon journey if unavoidable then cover windows with sun shades or blinds
8. Keep the baby well hydrated (if weaned)

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