Ep.#04 Intermittent fasting regimens, Childhood obesity, GERD with Dr. Shubha (gastroenterologist)

Ep.#04 Intermittent fasting regimens, Childhood obesity, GERD with Dr. Shubha (gastroenterologist)
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Hi everyone i am your host dr. Rahat and today we will be discussing all things GUT. 

Intermittent fasting, childhood obesity, GERD and a lot more. 

Before we get on with the show notes I have some big news to share. 


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So getting back to our show notes 

To shed some light on the above topics we have with us today Dr. Shubha who is a Gastroenterologist and hepatologist. 

currently serving as Asst Professor in Rajiv Gandhi Institute. 

She is a certified diabetologist, nutrition and wellness consultant from the prestigious John Hopkins University USA. 

Photography and food are her passions and she is an avid nature lover. 


#1 We will be starting with dieting. 

It is like the new trend. People on any kind of diet are first advised to cut down on sugars. And they resort to artificial sweeteners. 

Artificial sweeteners are a healthy alternative to sugars – myth/fact? 

#2 Next we speak about Intermittent fasting (IF) which is a diet regimen that cycles between brief periods of fasting, with either no food or significant calorie reduction, and periods of unrestricted eating. 

We have covered all that you need to know before you jump on the bandwagon called dieting. 

#3 Know how to individualize the regimens according to your own choice. Because there is no one diet plan that fits all. 

Dr. Shubha explains about 3 plans than one start with and slowly pace it up. 

16-8 where you fast for 16 hours and allowed to eat for 8 hours.

14-10 where you fast for 14 hours and allowed to eat for 10 hours.

12-12 where you fast for 12 hours and allowed to eat for 12 hours. it is better to start with this regimen and slowly pace it up to a 16-8.

#4 I’ve heard that intermittent fasting helps you look younger. If it is so, then I am starting right away and guess what I got my green flag because dr. Shubha explained how practising IF actually makes you look younger. Hear the science behind it. 

#5 Having spoken in great detail about IF we also spoke about the most important part of any diet, what to eat? 

How to break the fast? In other words, what are we allowed to eat during the eating phase? Because people fast for 16 hours but then end up binge eating chicken tikka and biryanis. Which nullifies all the efforts. 

Know all about this from our talk. 

#6 Childhood obesity is on a rise with the current sedentary lifestyle, being glued to screens either playing games or for online classes.  it has tons of adverse effects. 

What steps can you take to keep your child from getting obese?

#7 The most disabling yet common problem that everyone has to deal with is acidity. We hear these terms every now and then –heartburn, acidity, bloating, GERD? What’s the difference and what are some practical ways in which we can avoid heartburn and acid reflux? 


None of the information mentioned in this interview is a replacement for medical advice. It is meant only for informational purposes. please consult a nutritional therapist/dietitian/your physician before embarking on any kind of diet.

To know more on Gut health, pro-biotics, pre-biotics and superfoods for kids check this out. Ep.#02 Gut Health, Good Bacteria And How They Affect Your Child’s Immunity

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  1. writenlive

    The podcast sounds interesting and covers topics that have a lot of misconceptions around it.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Thankyou so much. we have tried to keep it as detailed as possible.

  2. Aesha Shah

    I have so many doubts about IF. I started it and did it religiously for over one month but no results so I am sure I am doing something wrong. Your podcast is going to help me to take it up more effectively.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Yes do listen and subscribe to it. The guest is a Gastroenterologist and a hepatologist from the prestigious John Hopkins University USA. You shouldn’t miss this.

  3. ghazala786

    Informative post , we always wanted to know details of it.

  4. Modern Gypsy

    Excellent information you’ve covered in this podcast! I;ve been doing IF since a while, so it was good to know I’m going in the right direction. Great tips too on what to eat!

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      I am glad you liked it. Do subscribe using your fav app for more such insightful sessions with experts

    2. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      So glad you found it useful. Do subscribe to get more health related advice right from the experts

  5. Amrita Basu

    I am doing doing intermittent fasting 14 /10 for the last two years.Its totally sustainable and great for overall fitness

  6. anurbannomadic

    Very informative post, definately want to know more

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