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How many of you have witnessed your toddler screaming at you for not buying that toy or not letting him have that extra ride on his cycle? Remember the judging eyes of people calling you “a bad parent” under their breath? The countless number of articles you have googled and researched? 

Toddler Tantrums- understand them
The Ultimate Guide To Breastfeeding

As a second time mum, the most overwhelming thing without doubt has been breast feeding still…
You can never be confident enough.
Is she getting enough milk?
Is she gaining enough weight?
Am i taking in enough calories?                                                    Here is a guide with pointers to knowing infants behaviours and how to go about with the fussy eaters


Head to these  70+ tips and products that can make your post partum journey easier. How to promote quicker healing of the Episiotomy suture, what are the breastfeeding essentials, how to calm a fussy baby, How to increase your breast milk supply in 48 hours and a lot more… 

Mommy And Baby Well being

Hair hair everywhere. On the pillow cases, clogging the drain, in the baby’s mouth, on the hairbrush.  At one point you feel that you look at your hair and it falls. It can be overwhelming among all other issues that a mom faces in her postpartum period, like breastfeeding, nappy changes, etc. You would have googled it a gazillion times, read about every possible diy hair mask there is, to save your mane, but nothing seems to work or isnt workable, given the fact that such beauty treatments need time which a mommy lacks.

Dr. Rahat Sayyad

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