Holiday Season Gift Guide For The Eco Conscious Of 2019

Holiday Season Gift Guide For The Eco Conscious Of 2019

This holiday season, do something for planet earth. Thank mother nature by sparing her from more damage, by giving up non eco friendly things.

This guide is going to help you make a small contribution towards making our planet greener all the while, spreading happiness by the act of gifting.

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If you are an avid supporter of the climate change problem and the fact that something needs to be done about it, then like myself, you too will have to make lifestyle changes. Because change always begins from home first. 

Buy organic produce, ditch the GMO, stop with the polythene use, go with fiber or cotton made products. Not to mention hemp products which are Eco friendly and easy to make and cost effective at the same time. (Greta thunberg fan here, if you haven’t heard of her, google) 

When it comes to doing something for our children’s future, small acts done today, will go a long way in creating a better, greener tomorrow. But the thing is we are already too late in taking action. So our tasks have to be collective to make an impact. 

Check out my personal selection of Eco friendly gift items for this holding season, made keeping in mind a greater cause.

Have a friend who is a nature enthusiast? Not a fan of the green cause yourself? choose the perfect gift to impress your loved ones.

Gifts for home

1. Eco friendly table mats

A must for every dining table, the best part is they come in luxurious patterns and colors like gold, silver and bronze. Give your dining table, and Eco friendly make over.

Eco friendly table mats, heat resistant, washable too.

2. Freezer bags

Forget the synthetic freezer bags, these cotton/fiber made bags are washable, and do not catch smell. Great for organizing your vegetable section of the fridge. (P.s i already use them, but for storing my kids small toys like building block, they are great)

Cotton food storage bags

3. Organic food wraps

A great alternative to the typical, plastic cling wrap, bees wax cling wraps can be used repeatedly, several times a week, and each food cling wrap can last for about a year. It is especially suitable for food preservation such as cheese, fruit, vegetables and bread, etc. It is made of food grade material

Beeswax organic food wraps.

4. Bamboo earbuds

Each time you use an earbud, and throw it, remember it’s going to lay there in the waste for years and years to come. These soft bamboo, cotton tipped buds are a great alternative. Completely bio degradable. 

Q- tips made of bamboo

5. Handmade bamboo lamp

Give your living room a bohemian look with this handmade bamboo lamp, chic yet giving a wild, hippie look to your room.

Handmade bamboo lamp

6. Cloth shopping bag

With the current initiative of banning plastic bags all around the town, this is the most quintessential item on the Eco friendly gifting list. You definitely need to possess one of these always in your handbag. Buy them for your friends and one for yourself too. Best part is they have inbuilt sections, so no need to go home and separate all veggies and fruits. Easy organization with this one.

Cloth shopping bag

7. Eco friendly bamboo laundry basket

This laundry basket would be a perfect gift for a mom. you can separate lights and darks, its light weight, Eco friendly and space saving too. Can be folded and kept away when not in use.

Bamboo laundry basket

8. Spice storage box

This classy spice box is a glass container with storage space for common Indian spices used in the kitchen. Bring a royal feel to your kitchen with this asset.

Spice storage box

Gifts for kids

1. Toys

Most toys available today for kids, are made of plastic. mostly recycled, and you cant even tell. Safest way to keep our kids away from toxic substances is to give them wooden toys. especially younger kids who tend to explore things by putting them in their mouth. This set of blocks encourages free imaginative play based on the Montessori method of play and learning.

Wooden free play blocks

Yet another favorite toy that is a hit among our kids. pretend play is favorite method of play for toddlers. this tool set has no sharp edges, is sturdy and handy too. Just a tip – for starters remove only two tools at a time, and teach therm how to use it, if they haven’t seen it before. once they get a hang of it, you can hand the box to them and enjoy some “me time”

Wooden tool set

2. Recyclable newspaper pencil

This great product is made from old, recycled newspaper. It has a strong lead stick inside that is dark like the regular pencils, doesn’t loose color, or give stains on opposite pages. quality alternative to conventional pencils. save trees and buy these.

Recyclable newspaper pencils

3. Kids feeding plate.

This kid friendly wooden plate is made from organic pine wood, is environment friendly and reusable. No use of harmful chemicals that are present in its plastic counter parts. Can be used as a decorative piece later, and its great for stimulating child’s imagination and keeping things fun at the dining table.

Wooden feeding plate

4. Cutlery

Another must buy product , once you have weaned your baby. safe way to help the child learn self feeding. No sharp edges or borders. and cute little size just perfect for little hands to hold.

Wooden cutlery for baby hands

5. Toy bag / books storage bag

Oh this one is a keeper. As a mom, i would totally advice this wish list item of mine. Can b e used to store toys, or their books. later on, use it as a magazine holder, old newspaper collection box, or kids laundry

Toy / books storage basket

Gifts for self care

1. All natural body lotion

This product is by a brand I trust, from my early pregnancy days. The lotion can be safely used during pregnancy in your skin care routine for intensive care. Great for dry, itchy skin that usually comes with pregnancy, due to excess water retention in the body causing skin to stretch. 

Increased weight also causes skin stretching in pregnancy. The lotion is a rich combination of shea butter and moisturizing oils like rosehip oil, organic jojoba oil and organic chamomile oil, that help moisturize the skin.

Natural body lotion

2. Organic honey

 It is a special blend of honey with unique ingredients like cinnamon, green tea & lemon. Made as a part of a healthy fitness regime for early mornings.

A well known home made drink for melting body fat (so they say) is taking honey with lukewarm water, in the early hours of morning.

These three ingredients are known for their special benefits in weight management and are mixed in the right proportion to provide maximum benefit.

Cinnamon helps in weight management and controls the lipid profile. Green Tea helps is a natural source of antioxidants. Lemon helps improve metabolism and is a natural source of antioxidants as well.

Organic honey

3. Organic chia seeds

Organic Chia Seeds are a high-protein super food,  loaded with the goodness of dietary fibers, proteins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. Can be used in a variety of products to gain its nutritional value like Granola Bars, Juices, chia Jam, smoothies, oatmeal. 

Chia seeds

Also read my gifting guide for fitness fanatics in 2019.

Gifts for her

1. Handmade laptop bag

Made from Eco-Friendly Jacquard with Vegan Leather Trims. It Comes with a detachable & adjustable strap. Ideal for Professionals/Office going Women. 

It is slim, compact in size suitable for carrying business as well as day to day items like tablet, laptop charger, phone. Best part i like about it is, it comes in many designs and patterns and each one is exquisite.

Handmade laptop bag

2. Eco friendly toothbrush

Waterproof , durable, splinter free, BPA free Soft bristles. Perfect add on to your Eco-Friendly kit, best part is that the handle and package are both 100% biodegradable.

Wooden toothbrush

3. Reusable menstrual pads

Yet another cheaper and sanitary alternative to our conventional pads. These are made of cotton fabrics. no plastic used. It is definitely an Eco-friendly method of menstrual management. 

4. Biodegradable menstrual pads

Did you know that the sanitary pad that you use every month, is non biodegradable. i.e. it remains in the environment for years and years.This revolutionary product is 100% Biodegradable. Yes you read it right. 

I feel when there is a cheaper, better alternative to such Eco system harming items then we should make the change.It has a Superior Absorption quality With Bamboo Fiber-Based Core, Super-Thin too.

Sanitary pads

5. Wheat fiber sipper mug

Made of food grade wheat fiber material, reusable cup with silicone lid which makes it spill proof.

The wheat fiber material is biodegradable and BPA free, Non-toxic, safe for everyone and looks classy on your kitchen table.

Wheat fiber sipper mug

6. Organic India tea

Refreshing and delicious as compared to our typical daily beverage, which is full of empty calories.

Its great for Boosting your stamina and Strengthening your immunity.

7. Handmade diary

With this Eco friendly journal, you can draw mind maps, sketch ideas or write notes freely on the page. Use it for writing a journal, drawing pad, sketch book, travelers notebook, diary planner, coupon organizer, photo album and a lot more.

8. Make up remover cotton pads

Remove makeup, dirt, oil, sunscreen and dead skin cells with these bio degradable cotton pads. These are washable, travel friendly and reusable.

Eco friendly makeup remover cotton pads, washable, reusable.

Gifts for babies

1. Organic muslin cloth

One of the first few things that a baby comes in contact with, after being born is a swaddle. Its most important as it helps to relax the baby by mimicking the environment of a mother’s womb. 

These organic muslin swaddles are great for babies as they are very soft, do not cause any irritation on the babies skin and are good enough to help you tighten the knots of your swaddle.

organic muslin cloth

2. Organic wipes

Once a baby is born, it’s only sleep, feed, pee/poop, and repeat. So you need a lot of wipes in the initial days because their developing gut makes them poop 8 to 10 times a day.

Using a wet wipe containing a lot of chemicals will make your babies tushy dry and prone to infections.

Not to mention the allergies caused due to contact with various chemical contents of the wipe. Plain Luke warm water is my best suggestion for each episode of potty. But being a mother I know how difficult it is to do this each time. More so when you have multiple kids. So i came across these organic wipes which contain 99% water, and its the safest thing your baby can get.

organic baby wipes

3. Wooden teether

Normally teethers are found to be liquid filled or solid silicone teethers. There may be leaching of chemicals from plastic ones into your baby’s mouth who is constantly gnawing on it. These wooden teethers are a great alternative. Easy to grip and safe to chew.

wooden teethers for your darling lil angels.

So there it is, the perfect holiday season gift guide for the Eco conscious, in the year 2019. These gift ideas won’t burn a hole in your pocket yet wouldn’t fail to impress your friends and loved ones.

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