Ep.#02 Gut Health, Good Bacteria And Your Child’s Immunity

Ep.#02 Gut Health, Good Bacteria And Your Child’s Immunity
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Did you know that your gut is responsible for 70% of your immunity? So whatever you eat directly affects your defence against diseases. Here I talk about who are these good bacteria and why are they important? Remember how on every visit for a regular check-up with your doctor you would be advised to increase your fibre intake and drink lots of water. as it turns out, humans can’t digest fibre. then why consume them anyway. It is because fibres serve as food for the gut bacteria who keep you healthy. 

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  • what foods can boost your child’s immunity ?
  • Does your child need supplements? or
  • wait are you already self medicating him? if you are then i am sure you’re unaware of the term called hypervitaminosis.  If your child is already getting his nutrient requirements met, and you are still supplementing him, then you’re doing more harm than good!
  • Heard of the terms pro biotics and pre biotics? what are these and whats the difference between the two?
  • Here’s another trivia, increased fiber intake is associated with lower weight gain. tune where i talk more about this and how it can help you loose a few extra pounds.


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