Ep. #17 How to connect with your tweens and teenagers. With Developmental Psychologist Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett

Ep. #17 How to connect with your tweens and teenagers. With Developmental Psychologist Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett

Today’s episode is for all those parents who are struggling with their tweens or teenagers. I dread that time when my toddlers will turn into teenagers. Because just like toddlers teens too have a mind of their own.

There are so many hormonal changes taking place in a teens body along with peer pressure clubbed with the need to prove themselves to the world or their parents. They almost get crushed under all that pressure And some fall into bad habits as well like Lying, drugs, or worse getting pregnant. Disciplining a child without yelling or spanking constitutes a major part of gentle parenting. It is an approach that most modern parenting trends support.

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I really wish for parents to be able to understand their teens better because our kids need all the support they can get at this crucial period of their life. To provide us with some insights into teen behavior we have with us a special guest all the way from the United States- Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett

She is a developmental psychologist turned stay-at-home mom. She is the host of the podcast- Parenting Smarts, which creatively weaves together developmental science, with practical application for family life. She is a writer for the blog – Blessed is she And her personal blog Parenting with Peer Review. 

As a mother of four children aged 8-17, she is collecting ample material and first-hand experience regarding both, the joys and struggles of Family Life. 

Disciplining Tweens

We have discussed tangible ways on how to connect with your teenagers like:

1- At toddler age group obedience is motivated by fear and a bit by love but as they grow up independence takes over and obedience is kicked out of their minds. How can we lay a foundation of the virtue of obedience in teens from a young age?

2- What is the difference between perfectionism and doing their best? Parents usually neglect the efforts of their child focusing more on the results than on the efforts put in. How do we complement and encourage our child in a way that is motivating? 

3- A term called helicopter parenting has been making rounds on social media lately and parents especially moms unconsciously practice it. Where do we draw the line between concern and over-possessive behaviour?

4- How do we help our kids deal with what we call the “big feelings ” or how to raise emotionally stable adults who can handle themselves in any situation. 

Disciplining teenagers

5- Insomnia is a common problem seen in teens. An overactive brain in conjunction with tons of hormonal changes keeps them up night after night? This isn’t a healthy pattern. How do we help our kids get a good nights rest? 

We have had many parenting coaches on the show but a mother of teens is a first. I was awestruck at the way dr. Hackett handles her teens, manages her house, the church meets, her podcast and the social media. She has very humbly shared with us her time management strategies that I found to be the best takeaway for a parent of multiple kids.


You can connect with Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett on her social media and her website below for her support groups, online workshops and insightful blogs

Parenting with peer Review is her personal blog

Blessed is she is where she is a devotion writer.

Parenting smarts podcast– is another fantastic venture of dr. Hackett in conjunction with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. It creatively weaves together developmental science, with practical application for family life.

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  1. Alpana Deo

    So practical tips. I am a mother to a teenager and I so agree to Dr. Mary Ruth Hackett. Trust is the foundation when dealing with teenager and then logic come in picture. Teenager need logical talking as they have a lot many questions and this is the age when they need a proper answer.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Absolutely. Just instructing them rhe way we did when they were toddlers doesnt work now. We have to deal with them as we would with adults

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