Ep. #14 Why and how to teach your kid about life skills.

Ep. #14 Why and how to teach your kid about life skills.

Today’s episode is for all those parents who have to step out of the house for running errands but are troubled by constant calls from kids or their spouse. Yup as simple as that.

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I am going to help you run your errands, as smoothly as possible.  Confused? What I am referring to is “Are your kids independent enough?” 

Let’s take an example. You have to go out of town for some important personal matter that needs your attention. Now you transfer the mantle of responsibility to your spouse and leave for your work. What happens next determines how independent your kids are or rather how well you have trained them for life

So let’s talk about outcome no. 1. Your spouse says that taking care of the kids was a cakewalk. Kids went through the day with little or no assistance at all. Proof of this is you receive very less or no calls at all from your spouse

Outcome no. 2 can be such that your husband/caretaker had a hard time handling the kids. From the morning routine of brushing n breakfast to getting them to bed. All things needed assistance or help.

Mind you we are talking about age-appropriate chores. So if a 3-year-old needs help with brushing his teeth then you need to make some simple changes in the way you handle your kids and all will be fine again.

So back to our outcomes. If your answer to this hypothetical situation has been number one then first off congratulations your child is independent enough and can take care of himself on his own. 

But if your answer was similar to the second outcome then keep listening as I will be helping you raise independent kids that need minimal assistance to get through the day.

So to get started with this we need to know about  life skills

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines life skills as “abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life”.

In simpler terms, Life skills are a set of skills that are developed through learning or direct life experience. They have been categorized into three broad categories:

  • Thinking skills, 
  • Social skills and 
  • Emotional Skills

1) Thinking Skills:

These include Self-awareness, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, and creative thinking. 

2) Social Skills:

These help your child with effective communication, empathy, and interpersonal relationships. 

3) Emotional Skills:

That help the child in dealing with emotions and coping with stress.  

As a parent, you may do your best to protect your child from these factors, but that truth is – you can’t always be there for them. They have to learn to face challenges and stresses on their own. 

Unfortunately, not everyone finds a healthy and positive way to deal with these factors, especially the youth. Many people, including adolescents and youth resort to deviant or unhealthy ways of coping with stress such as substance abuse, aggression, juvenile delinquency, dropping out of school, depression and suicidal tendencies. This is a harsh reality and a major problem for the current generation. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late to equip your child with these skills. You can start teaching your child basic skills like problem-solving, decision making, communicating, expressing their feelings, being responsible, etc. Life skills can change the way children feel about themselves and life. So why not start now?

Our education system concentrates excessively on curricular activities and theory. No attention is given to the development of important life skills. That’s what a child will need when he grows up and not how photosynthesis occurs. Now I am not against any curricula in particular but things like problem-solving, critical thinking are important too.

As a parent and a physician, this has always been on my mind. How to teach my child these quintessential life skills? Where can I find the resources for it? Only the right resources could help me achieve what I wished to teach my child. 

Something as simple as building blocks helps develop so many skills like decision making, problem-solving, critical thinking. But we cant rely on toys to teach our kids about it. Age-appropriate life skills can lay the foundation for a successful life

jyppzer app

I was on the lookout for such a resource and I hit the jackpot when I connected with Zipper app. There are tens of thousands of apps available on homeschooling. These include the appropriate curriculum like maths, English, E.V.S., science, etc. 

Life skills

Jyppzer is an app that has 300+ parent-child activities and games for ages 0 to 12 years.  The ultimate tools for a parent to help your child develop important life skills. These are created by child development experts and can be done using everyday things available in your home. 

And after reading about it my first reaction was ” they have an app for this? I was able to track my child’s progress in a particular activity by making him do it Daily and boy the results have been so satisfying. From something like problem-solving skills to critical thinking all can be taught through simple activities and 5 mins of your time daily. 

Now imagine you have a resource at your hands, which is developed by experts, needs minimal setup, and it keeps your kids away from screens. Wouldn’t you choose that? It helps you keep your kids engaged in a productive way as well as develop a bond between your child. 

You can use my code DRRAHAT15 to avail a special discount of 15%. 

iOS App Link

Android App Link

I hope you can equip your child with the correct resources to help him steer through and eventually excel in life.

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Until then,

Happy Parenting

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  1. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Yes I agree our education system more concentrate on academic skills but in practical life, essential life skills play a very important role. As a parent it is our responsibility to take care of our child’s mental, emotional and social development. Will check out app suggested by you. Sounds interesting to me.

  2. Swati Gupta

    This is so informative and elaborative…loved the way it has been explained…thanks

    1. Varsh

      Raising independent and matured kids is a responsibility that parents have to concentrate on early on. You’ve highlighted some good points. Emotional skills are so important.

  3. Neha

    Thank you for sharing a beautiful insight really loved reading it 💗

    1. mummatalks

      This is a very informative and well written blog. Thankfully both my kids are very independent and always keep each other company too. Its never tough for me to leave them and go out as they do their own their own with little or no assistance (my son is just 4). And I think it’s very important as a parent to teach our kids life skills and be independent as it helps in the overall development of our child.

  4. Sthuti Panigrahy Singh

    So very well said. Age appropriate life skills are very important for the kids to assist in their overall development. It is imperative to concentrate on practical learning experiences too rather than only concentrating on academics.

  5. arti singh

    Such an amazing blog for us parents , really nice

  6. Neha Sharma

    I agree life skills should be an important part of learning. Thanks for sharing about this wonderful app zypper. I am going to download it just now and check it out.

  7. Alpana Deo

    I have this app and it gives me handy option to work with my 4 year old. Life skills are much needed for every child. And kids learn a lot form playful learning.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      That’s really great buddy. I have two toddler’s and having less time on my hands this app turned out to be a saviour

  8. Alpana Deo

    I have this app and it comes very handy with my four year old son. Life skills are an important element for learning. Kids learn a lot through playful learning methods.

  9. Ruchie

    I totally agree with you, it’s so much important to teach them these life skills and for me teaching them emotional skill should be the first one!!

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Absolutely raising an emotionally stable adult is very very important but tricky

  10. Metamorphosis

    Me being a life skills trainer I complete second your thoughts. These skills should be taught right from the beginning. I am really happy that many schools have incorporated life skills in their curriculum.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Oh thats great. We should connect more then. I am an advocate of imparting life skills in children from a young age. It helps them become independent in later life

  11. Cindy Dsilva

    Yes indeed it is very important to teach them life skills and especially how to be independent and not depend on anyone even for food. Especially boys!

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Ya its such a stereotype that our boys have grown up around. But not anymore. New age parenting trends have reversed the scenario

  12. indeed, life skills, especially emotional skills are super -duper important. i like the sound of this app and that it has games that we can do together to help the kids learn and internalise these skills.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Ya and the best part is one need not spend hours sourcing materials for the activities

  13. nooranandchawla

    I like the way that you have grouped the life skills and completely agree with your reasoning and methodology provided in this podcast. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Life skills and age appropriate life skills should be given more importance. Along with family schools should also focus on life skills. I like the idea of an application that makes us work on life skills for kids.

  15. Harjeet Kaur

    I am totally amazed by the technology that is available and how you moms are using it to reach out to others and connect.The plethora of activities is mind boggling yet parents say that their child only wants to watch cartoons

  16. Roma

    This is such an insightful post doc, I kept nodding my head in agreement throughout. The indicators are worth pondering.

  17. Gleefulblogger

    Rightly said our education system is more of merit based we need something which is holistic as well as relatable I am glad to know about this app and also of the view that such activities should be included in the school learning as well

  18. momcaptureslife

    Yes it is very important to teach kids about life skills and I guess with this app we can equip our child with the correct resources to help them excel in life.

  19. Preetjyot Kaur

    Jypzzar is a very interesting app. I will definitely download this and check it out. Thanks for sharing about this helpful app.

  20. Vaishali

    I feel at this point, life skills should top the charts, having said which I feel a lot of pressure (thereby leading to guilt) has caused havoc amongst parents. Every day should be a day full of gratitude, We must feel like we’ve achieved something everyday- as a family! Your blog validates the same. What a fab read.

  21. Haajra Fareen

    I loved the way you explained this. It’s so much important to categorise them and work on it. This post is very informative and makes so much sense to me. Thanks for sharing.

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