Ep. #13 Infertility And IVF With Dr. Riddhi Doshi. (Gynecologist, obstetrician and Fertility specialist)

Ep. #13 Infertility And IVF With Dr. Riddhi Doshi. (Gynecologist, obstetrician and Fertility specialist)

Today’s episode is for all those couples who are struggling to enjoy the fruits of parenthood. I am talking about difficulty in conceiving.

Infertility is difficult to live with. That being said, sometimes, we make things harder on ourselves. Not intentionally or consciously, but We may  be unaware of certain things that are quintessential to conceiving

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It can be especially confusing to understand what advice to follow if you’re trying to conceive when there are so many people and resources out there, ready to advise you.

So in today’s episode, we will take a closer look into what infertility looks like and if diagnosed with it then it’s not the end of the world.

To give us some valuable insights on the topic we have with us today a special guest who is a gynaecologist, obstetrician and a fertility specialist from Bombay, Dr. Riddhi Doshi.

Her field of expertise includes high-risk pregnancy care and fertility treatments.

She has added much award-winning research work to her credentials and is actively involved as a faculty at various state and national level conferences. In her free time, she loves to follow her passion for dance & reading.

Infertility means not being able to convince or difficulty getting pregnant. By definition, if you are unable to conceive after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse then it is called infertility.  There are many reasons in current times like lifestyle-induced delay in parenthood which is on a rise nowadays.

This episode is the ultimate guide for anyone suffering from infertility as we have tried to go in as great detail as possible. Here we have covered….

📌What is infertility and how to identify it?

📌How to get pregnant? 

📌When should a woman visit a gynaecologist for the 1st time ever? If she hasn’t already. 

📌what are the causes of infertility that can be attributed to lifestyle and how can we avoid early infertility? 

📌How to know if the person or couple is infertile and needs to seek help? 

📌What will happen during the check-up? 

📌What can we expect if one is visiting a clinic for infertility? 

📌What are the general steps of treating infertility? 

📌Is IVFthe only treatment offered?

📌what is secondary infertility and what are the factors affecting it? 

📌What is Fertility Preservation? how is it useful for cancer patients or people who are planning to conceive late. 

📌some myth busting related to IVF All about donor eggs. 

Know someone who is suffering from Infertility or has difficulty in conceiving??? Share it with them.  If you are trying to get pregnant but all your tests and examinations fail to suggest a cause for your infertility, then you should look into fragile x syndrome as you might be carreir.


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Happy Parenting

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  1. arti singh

    Such an important topic and so lightly explained. loved this

    1. Pratibha

      Hey, thanks for this post I will forward this to my friend who needs the information !

  2. Sadvika Kylash

    Yes. I still feel this is a taboo! And people do suffer a lot because of this. Your blog post is really helpful!

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Absolutely sadvika. But again opening up to the right person (your doctor) makes all the difference here.

  3. Cindy Dsilva

    Wow this is some detailed knowledge on how to go about the IVF thing. My friend has gone through it but she has had weird complications.

  4. Snigdha

    This is very much informative. I am gonna share with my friend .

  5. Arti Singh

    Such a detailed post on Infertility… Lovely

  6. This is one of those topics that gives so much pain to people, it definitely needs to be openly discussed and proper treatment should be taken by all. Knowledge is power!

  7. Neha

    Oh this is a very elaborate knowledge about IVF. Thanks for sharing very helpful

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