Breastfeeding Tips For New Moms (by a doctor mom of 2)

breastfeeding tips for new moms

Breastfeeding can be an extremely daunting task for new moms. Here are my breastfeeding tips for new moms after thorough research, Personal experience and implementation. 

As a second time mum, the most overwhelming thing without doubt has still been breastfeeding…
You can never be confident enough. Breastfeeding in itself is overwhelming, let alone the crying, fussy baby,
Is she getting enough milk?
Is she gaining enough weight?
Am i taking in enough calories?

Plenty of resources on the internet, books, and elders guidance most important-personal experience and tricks …. All of this has helped me in my breast feeding journey. Here is a guide with pointers to knowing infants behaviors and how to go about with the fussy eaters.

Breastfeeding Tips:-

1. Avoid choking or coughing– In a first time mother, also called as a primi gravida, the milk flow is going to be fast initially,also known as the letdown. At that time the child can choke or cough. Just take a laid back position so that the milk doesn’t go in the baby’s mouth by gravity.

nipple cream for cuts that occur during initial days of breastfeeding or during teething
nipple cream for cuts that occur during initial days of breastfeeding or during teething

2. The baby fusses while drinking– try to distract the baby by gently tapping on the tushy/buttocks.

nipple shield for pain free breast feeding
nipple shield for pain free breast feeding

3. The baby is struggling to find the nipple– hold the breast at the areola or the dark portion of your breast, in a U or a C fashion so as to form a teat. Its easier for babies to find the nipple then.

antimicrobial nursing bra
antimicrobial nursing bra

4. The nipple has to be erect. If you have flat or inverted nipples already or during breastfeeding then- just scratch the areola gently or roll the nipples between your index finger and thumb. An erect nipple is easier to find.


1. After each feed the baby sleeps peacefully and immediately. Some may even pass out on the breast.

2. The baby is gaining enough weight in about a month that is anywhere around 700 to 950 grams. (Average Indian baby)

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1. Check the diaper. 

2. Burp the baby as it could be gas.

3. Is the baby hungry?

4. Is the baby too warm or too cold check the clothes and the bedding?

5. is the baby sleepy and tired? sleep and hunger cues for new moms read here

6. if it is none of the above then the one thing that has always worked for me is keeping the baby close to the mother.

There are a lot more issues in the postpartum period, that a woman faces, let alone breastfeeding, pain from episiotomy sutures, sleepless nights, hunger, being there for your baby “always”

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Sometimes A mother’s warmth, touch and smell is all that a baby needs.