Book review “The shadow in the mirror” by Deepti Menon.

Book review “The shadow in the mirror” by Deepti Menon.

Book: The shadow in the mirror 

Author: Deepti Menon

Publisher: Readomania

Genre: Thriller, fiction writing

Overall book verdict: 4.7/5

The Book “The shadow in the mirror” is an exemplary work of art in human psychology if only you understand. Its compelling storytelling grips the readers from page one and you will find yourself biting nails and on the edge of your chairs while reading this. A story that begins with the death of a pregnant woman- Nita who has it all, money, a loving husband, and a good family. The story unravels from her life and proceeds to descriptions of beautiful life stories that have you hooked to each character until you wonder in awe, “how could this character be associated with Nita?”

Book Title & Book Cover:

The book title and cover do full justice to the storyline. It gives the readers an impression of a suspense thriller, except it’s much more than just that.

The cover is thoughtfully designed and depicts a woman with penetrating eyes and a big red bindi on her forehead. The look is haunting and has tons of relevance with the storyline. The author explains this well through the course of the story 


The plot takes place across a timeline from 1958 to 1994. Not only timelines, the chapters are set season wise and that was beautiful. The plot follows a serial layering or peeling of characters whose lives are deeply intertwined with each other.

What’s beautiful is the detailed description of the lives of each character. Their ambitions. Their sorrows and lessons that each character teaches you. The author provides a complete narration of each character that leaves the readers satisfied and not wondering what happened to that one. Thus ties all loose ends well. 

The story is a huge lesson in redemption. what will you do when you are in a position to forgive? when you yearned for something deeply and its finally in front of you, will you leave it to fate to do justice? or take matters in your own hands? the wait? the dilemma? and the frustration are all very well depicted by the characters in this story.

The author is said to have spent 12 years in writing this book and the storyline, character line up are a testimony to that. Deepti Menon’s writing style is par excellence, and is evident in her previous books and short fictions stories too. This book adds the final feather to her hat, the best one probably.

There are a few characters which were not necessary for the plot-line and took away the attention for a while. However it hasn’t changed the essence of the narrative.

Final word

Overall the story progresses quickly with lots of twists and turns enough to keep one hooked. You won’t feel a lull at any point. A good read for people who like mystery and suspense.

Book Type: Fiction

Category: Indian Writing, Contemporary Fiction

Readability: Easy

Overall book verdict: 4.7/5

Story & Concept: 4/5

Detailing & Information: 5/5

Cover: 3/5

Overall Edit: 4/5

The flow of Chapters: 5/5

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  1. Deepti Menon

    Dear Dr. Rahat,
    What a beautiful and detailed review of my book! You cannot imagine how satisfying it is for a writer to see her work so well understood, with equal importance given to the plot and characters as well. That you realized it took me twelve years to write this story is also appreciable. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift of a review. God bless, always!

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Thankyou so much Deepti. Its well deserved and i am humbled by your words

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