Book review- It Happened in Bengaluru by Absum

Book review- It Happened in Bengaluru by Absum

Book: It happened in Bengaluru

Author: Absum

Publisher: Notion Press

The book is an interesting read about an IT professional working in an MNC. It is based on the backdrop of the economic recession that occurred in the year 2008 and portrays the journey of young Aryan, who is on the verge of eviction from his job.

Book Title & Book Cover:

It happened in Bengaluru, where a winner resigned to Conquer by ABSUM published by Notion Press.

The title gives the feel of a suspense thriller that people from the metros can relate to especially from Bengaluru. Though the book is based on self-help.

The book cover creatively weaves the idea of a big city and its challenges in the form of chess. The most interesting part of the cover is the author’s pen name “Absum” which is a Latin word meaning “to be away from”

it happened in bengaluru


The story begins with an MNC making sudden layoffs during the time of recession. Our protagonist is one of the few lucky ones who are given another chance by the company. The story revolves around how Aryan uses this chance to prove himself to the Authorities, to grow as a team leader and support his colleagues.

He is able to accomplish all of this with the help of an unusual friend  -CB (chessboard). Striking stark relevance between real-life situations and strategies of chess, the author has enumerated valuable life lessons.

CB is like a mentor that we all need. One who guides us in every step of the way. When Aryan is struggling with problems that are beyond the scope of CB’s wisdom, he outsources help for Aryan.

Each of these helping mentors has years of experience to share and provide Aryan and readers with some invaluable lessons in life.

If you are unaware of chess and its terminology then you might have a hard time navigating through the story. Each of the 8 chapters helps solve many problems of human relations, management, problem-solving and personal growth.

The backdrop is of a multinational company and the struggles of a job in the IT sector, the uncertainty, the lack of job satisfaction and the autopilot that we all run on.

Final word

Overall this book provides a surprising and unusual form of self-help. When one is absolutely dejected, demotivated and has nothing to keep him going,  a strong will and a change of perspective are what will help him tide through this time.

This was my biggest lesson from the book and the charming character of CB though I would have loved a bit more description about it.

Also, it would have been better if the author had explained the chess terminologies and strategies used in the book. For people who aren’t familiar with the game of chess or the nitty-gritty of an IT job, it might be a turn-off.

The book is a 4/5 for me because of the amazing life lessons hidden in the book, taught with usual examples, compelling storyline and strong characters that help etch these lesson in mind. 

Book Type: Fiction

Category: Indian Writing, Contemporary Fiction

Readability: Easy

Overall book verdict: 4/5

Story & Concept: 4/5

Detailing & Information: 3.8/5

Cover: 4/5

Overall Edit: 4/5

The flow of Chapters: 4/5

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book review it happened in bengaluru

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