Ragi banana porridge. Mixed vegetables khichdi. (Baby food recepies 1)

When i started weaning my babies, i was very cautious about a few things like adequate nutrition, sterilization techniques, hygiene, and taste.
The most sought After recepies (by both mommies and babies) are being mentioned here. These foods are rich in nutrients, aka superfoods and great for weight gain.

6 month old baby food recepies.

Ragi banana porridge
This is my own recepie that i whipped up keeping nutritive values in mind and my baby loved it.
Ragi/finger millet is known as a super food owing to its high caloric value, high carbohydrate content and great source calcium.
Banana adds the flavour and increased caloric value.
I add roasted almond powder to it for the protein content and the ghee for fats so u can call this a wholesome food jus like khichdi as it has food items from each food group.
For babies we use sprouted ragi flour which is made by soaking ragi/nachni, sprouting it,drying and then making a flour out if it.
Avoiding all this we can buy ragi flour available in markets.

1. Ghee 1 teaspoon
2. Roasted almond powder 1 teaspoon
3. Sprouted ragi flour 1 tablespoon
4. 1 banana mashed
5. Cardamom powder optional.
6. Boiled water or cows milk

1.add ghee to a vessel, let it heat up (slow heat)
2. Add ragi flour and mix continuously
3. After its color changes slightly to brown, remove the vessel from the flame, add milk or water and stir continuously
4. Ragi flour thickens too soon just like corn flour in water the trick here is to stir it off the flame to the desired consistency you will need to add a lot of water or milk br thats so quantity keeps on increasing.
5. The other way to it is take boiled cooled milk add ragi flour to it and mix while cool then switch on the flame and add ghee
6. After the desired consistency is achieved put it back on low flame add cardamon powder, roasted almonds powder and mix
7. Cool it and add this to mashed banana and mix properly.
8. No sugar
9. To increase glucose Content jaggery can b added but banana offers the sweetness to this dish. Cool it and serve.
10. You will notice a difference in weight within a month at least i did.
Do try these superfoods and comment below as to how they tuned out.

Mixed veg Khichdi
1.Half a carrot
2.Few florets of cauliflower
3.Few pea pods
4.1 inch piece of pumpkin
5.Few leaves of spinach
7. Cumin seeds
8. Ghee
9. Rice.
10.Moong dal

1.In a cooker heat half tablespoon of ghee, to that add half teaspoon of cumin seeds
2. After the cumin splutters add the vegetables roughly chopped all washed thoroughly preferably with a baby food wahsing liquid soap (i use babyhug bottle washing liquid which is food grade hence can be used to wash fruits and vegetables to remove the harmful pesticides and eggs of worms which reside on food stuffs like spinach, sweet potatoes)
3. Sauté for a min n then add the daal n rice i have mentioned moong daal because its easy to digest especially for beginners.
4. Add water double to that of the ingredients.
5. Add a pinch of turmeric
6. No salt
7. Pressure cook for 10mins.
8. Remove, cool, make a paste in a mixer

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