Best Alphabet Flash Cards For Toddlers- Review By A Doctor Mom.

Best Alphabet Flash Cards For Toddlers- Review By A Doctor Mom.

Here is my review about alphabet flash cards for toddlers as a screen free activity and how i found it as the most effective way of keeping my kid away from his phone/ipad.


26 alphabet flash cards


Does your child sit in front of the tv for hours, your friend messages you saying, you cut her call 4 times ! and you aren’t even aware of this because your tech friendly toddler has cut all calls so he can watch you tube. sound familiar ?

Well, that’s me and you and many moms out there, struggling to find ways to keep our kids away from screen time and send them out to play. 


Alphabet Flash Card Review


I recently came across this awesome set of flash cards and we turned it into a lovely game.
We had these set of wooden alphabets and now a set of flash cards. We used them to play
match the alphabet‘. they are just the appropriate size for their little hands, best part is they are laminated and made of strong paper so how much ever my boy tries to chew or tear them it doesn’t yield. and they are wipe clean. now my toddler is just 2 yrs old and we had just started learning the alphabet and this game made it so easy n fun.
The other day my boy n i were at the clinic to get his flu shot and seeing another boy on the phone he wanted his too.

emotion’s flash cards

Instead of making a fuss and paving way for another meltdown i removed the flash cards like a savvy mom and engaged him into a game of
say the word‘ (hes just started talking) and we spend a good 20 mins with it.
Meltdowns are very common in the toddler age group, they are called as toddler tantrums and they are most commonly encountered when a toddler doesn’t get his way, for eg. you take away his phone or screen time access. what are toddler tantrums? how to deal with them ? know all about dealing with toddler tantrums here.

I keep looking for games that would be educational as well as fun for my kids and making up one with these items gave me immense pleasure.
Another effective way of keeping a toddler engaged for hours on end is “free play” don’t get it? Ok so do you remember your toddler playing with your set of keys/ and how much he loved that laddle and bowl that you gave him, so he doesn’t enter the kitchen and trouble you. a kid’s imagination can soar to any heights, it just needs to be stimulated. one such concept is the “montessori method of play and learning”
It is a child centered approach of play so anything can be a toy – your hair clip, dads empty file or briefcase or even sisters old doll clothes.  i can totally understand when it comes to screen time, how anxious a mom can get. i would try anything to keep him away from those screens and in my research i found yet another play method to keep him entertained fir hours and i didn’t even have to keep an eye on him. yes you read it right. know all about this method here

Do try these out for your pre-schooler
Do you guys have any games like this?
What’s your kids favourite toy? comment below. i would love to know. 

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