Ep. #08 Adolescent Mental Health Issues- Teen Social Anxiety, Anorexia, Depression.

Ep. #08 Adolescent Mental Health Issues- Teen Social Anxiety, Anorexia, Depression.

Hi everyone and welcome to Doctormommyspeaks parenting podcast. Disorders like Teen social Anxiety, Depression, Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia, are really common. we decided to have onboard, an expert (Psychologist) who could guide our parent community to take the right decision.

If you have a teenager, the first thing I would like to say is “God bless you with all the help you need” Getting a teenager to listen to you or make them do something you want seems impossible.

There is a lot going on the mind of a teenager, from hormonal changes to peer pressures, puberty and parental pressures. All of these might crush their little mind.

I like to look at teens as independent humans who are capable of doing anything in the world. They possess immense potential for creativity; they only need to be guided in the right direction. 

Adolescent mental health issues

Well also because they harbour a particular Psychological construct in their mind that, 

“I Know Everything” 

With this in mind, imagine us parents bombarding them with things like,

“you don’t know anything, I have seen the world much closer than you have” 

It gets cumbersome for them to trust us, if we don’t have a listening ear. If we don’t want to understand what their perspective or point of view is.

Another amazing thing to remember while dealing with teens is that imagine you are conversing with an adult. One who is fully capable of having a REASON for doing something they want or not doing something they don’t want to do. 

Teen social anxiety, anorexia nervosa,

Hear their reason out, empathize, acknowledge and work a way out with them. 

In this way, your teen will slowly start to trust you more and share more with you. Isn’t that what we all want from our kids? To be their friends, have them share things with us, know what’s going on in their lives. 

It isn’t that easy and it doesn’t happen overnight or even over weeks. It takes years of trust that is built from childhood, forming a rapport with your child and having that special bond which can stand the test of puberty and teenage years. But i would say learn to let go. Our controlling nature is what causes most of the problems for our teens and ourselves. We go into a panic mode every time we don’t know what’s going on in our child’s life or when they don’t clean their room or put clothes for laundry or just don’t listen.

Adolescent mental health issues bulimia nervosa, depression with Psychologist Tripti vaid.

It’s fairly normal if you think of them as adults who live their own lives, have their own choices and desires. 

Today’s episode is for all those parents who are struggling with their teenagers and young adolescents who are suffering from various mental health issues and how you can fix it well in time.

We will be addressing topics like teen social anxiety, common eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia nervosa, mental health issues like depression and a lot more.

Discussing depression with Psychologist Tripti vaid.

For giving us some valuable insights on all these topics we have with us Tripti Choudhary Vaid who is a Psychologist specializing in Emotional Disorders of children, adolescents, and young adults.

 She has been practicing for the last 10 years and has extensive experience in trauma-based psychotherapy called- (EMDR).

Tripti holds workshops and lectures on different aspects of raising children in today’s age, and is also an International Affiliate member with the American Psychological Association. 


In this super insightful session we discussed:-

1. What is teen social anxiety disorder? Teens are concerned about any and everything. their body, their weight, acne, boyfriends. They worry about people, especially their peers’ opinions about them. At what point does this behaviour become worrisome and when do we call this as Teen Social Anxiety?

2. How to handle teens at puberty? I am yet to reach that stage but I fear it. Because I know, how I was back in the day. My plan up till now is to let them be… Tripti shares with us some concrete parenting tips for handling teens and what they actually expect from parents at that age.?

3. Then we spoke a bit about the common eating disorders starting with bulimia. Many teens, especially girls who are conscious of their weight, exhibit this behavior. What are its signs and how do we correct this behavior?

4. She also shed some light on anorexia nervosa? What are its causes and how do we approach it, especially in a teen.?

5. Depression is a rising illness amongst teens and its occurrence has increased owing to the lockdown. How to know that a child is depressed and How can we handle our teens better during these tough times?

6. Tripti’s expertise lies in EMDR therapy. Here she explained to us what it is and how it can benefit patients of emotional distress secondary to mental trauma.? 

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You can find Tripti Vaid on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and for more such resources you can visit her website or her YouTube chanel below.

Psychoogist tripti vaid discusses adolescent mental health issues

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  1. Anmol Raut

    Found this soo helpful.. thanks

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Glad you liked it. Do check out our blog on handling teens too.

  2. Aesha

    I found thia very helpful. I am also writing posts on teen parenting for MyFriendAlexa, do check out my posts and share your thoughts.

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  3. aktal2012

    Great tips Dr. Rahat and you are absolutely correct you learn teen parenting on the job not by any rule book

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Yes definitely. Winging it assuming kids will grow on their own will only make things worse

  4. momtasticworld

    Although my little one is just four, I am already a little terrified of her teenage years in advance hehehe. I have been an extremely troubled teen for my parent and I know its going to be challenging for sure 🙂 This was such a helpful post, I am saving it for sure 🙂

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      So gald you like it. But the feeling ia mutual. I hope with a little prior prep, our kids make it easy on us

  5. theyellowdaal

    Wow, what an insightful article. Loved the way you have explained the teenage mind.

  6. Arti Singh

    You are making it so easy for us for mommies to deal with the adolescent issues, mine are under 8 but its such a good read

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