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Dr. Rahat Sayyad


So adrenaline or the stress hormone is the one responsible for fight fright or flight response.

I think its level is at an all-time high in mothers.

Why you may ask?

Look at yourself, after an exhausting day when you lie down in bed, telling yourself “I am so not gonna do any work tomorrow. Its going to be my rest day.” Do you rest? 

Those mornings when you get up already tired and can’t move a muscle. But the moment you hear your child crying or asking for breakfast, you go into stress mode.

Forget all your tiredness, whip up their favourite breakfast, bathe them, play with them, cook food for everyone and then when you sit after a long, busy morning, thats, when you remember it was supposed to be REST DAY and your, are tired. . . .

You are able to accomplish all this because of the adrenaline rush. It is crazy, and this rush, cannot be compared to anyone else’s nor should it be underestimated. 

Moms work tirelessly, to the point that we crash and that’s When realise, we should have taken that REST DAY.

So, mamas, we know you’re great, but if you still wanna keep doing that, then you need to relax. . . .

This blog is a helping hand from one mamma to another for taking that adrenaline rush head on. 

For making this arduous task called parenting, tad bit easier.

Our Aim

Parenting advice based on experience combined with research-backed strategies that will prove to be the ultimate piece of help you ever needed. 

From toddler tantrums to teenager’s insomnia.

Pre-schooler refusing to attend school due to ADHD or your tween having social anxiety?

From something as common as weaning problems to as grave as mental health disorders in teenagers. 

We try to cover all parenting problems, helping you identify them and provide you with tangible solutions from the experts themselves.

What to expect: Our help is in the form of well-researched articles on our website, Expert interviews on our podcast (Gynecologist, Paediatricians, Nutritional therapists, psychologist, Parenting coaches, etc) Charts, Printable and easy to understand resources that will aid you in making your parenting journey a cakewalk.


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