If given a chance what you do differently with your teenager? Being a parent to tweens and teenagers can be tough. Do you love your pre-teen/teenager, but he/she gets on your nerves by arguing, talking back, being uncooperative, disrespectful, not listening, ditching study, engaging in bad company? Do you feel like you’re yelling all the time and still your queries, questions are met with stares, rolling eyeballs, and hmmm’s?

Did u know that 78% of teenagers complained that their parents need to talk more with them?

Here is a research-backed tool that has come out of the experience of hundreds of parents…

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8 secrets to communicating with teenagers

Dr. Rahat Sayyad

Physician, Certified parenting coach for teenagers, Host of Doctor Mommy Speaks Parenting podcast (ranked 11th in the top parenting podcasts worldwide), and a mom of two.

What You’ll Learn…

1. Help teens decide between right and wrong by learning sensible decision making.

2. How to discipline your teen without yelling?

3. How to identify if your teen/pre-teen is being cyber-bullied and what can you do thereafter?

4. How to talk to teens so they listen the first time?

5. Tools to create a safe digital online experience for your kids.

6. How to talk about topics like sexting, safe sex with teens.

7. Help you talk about pornography and its ill-effects in a healthy way.

8. Certificate at the end of the course

9. Self-paced learning at your own time with pre-recorded lectures if you miss the live sessions because we know you’re a parent.


Pre-recorded lectures

If you miss the lives you can watch each session as per your convenience.

Certificate of completion

Each participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Live Q and A

At the end of each session, one to one interaction will take place.

Communication Exercises

To help you put into practice what you have learnt.

Here’s what our community has to say…

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  1. bytetrails

    With teenagers parents need to communicate aptly. This would be so helpful for parents of teenagers who sometimes struggle .

  2. Archana

    As a mom of pre-teen boy, I would love to know the 8 secret for communicating with tweens and teenagers. I have downloaded the book Dr. Rahat, also I would like to know more about the course.

  3. sonam jain

    I guess it is essential for parents In this modern world to get guidance in their parenting.. and your offerings can help so many teen parents.. very noble thing you are doing .. Goodluck

    1. The Champa Tree

      Handling teenagers is every parents’ worry. I’m sure this book is going to be a boon to many parents out there.

  4. Hema

    Teenager age is tender age for the child, only a clear and transparent communication can help them share into a better individual.. These are helpful pointers

  5. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Oh wow, you have written an e book too. loved the theme and I am sure you have shared really great parenting tips for communicating with tweens and teenagers. how to talk with kids that they listen, seems most interesting point to me. being a mom of tween, this is something that I could co-relate so well.

  6. simi sp

    My kid is small still long way to go… But yes reading your post will definitely help me to be prepared for future thank you for sharing.

  7. mummatalks

    I’ve some years to go but I strongly believe that communication opens bridges to solve all the problems. That’s one practice we have from he start with our kids.

  8. rakhiparsai11984

    With age at times parents are not able too understand the kids well and that’s what causes more unrest in kids. Its indeed imperative that we as parents know how to talk to your kids with growing age.

  9. Ruchie

    Dealing with teens is the biggest task, and it’s need to be done calmly !! I really loved that you shared this in the ebook!!

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