6 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Labor

6 Ways To Prepare Yourself For Labor

People say nothing can prepare you for labour or motherhood. After two normal deliveries and two healthy babies, I can safely say that, if you are mentally prepared for what’s coming ahead, then you have won half the war.

Gone are the days, when mothers used to reach the labour room uninformed. Today’s mother is one who has researched every thing there is, about reducing labour pains, what symptoms are common and what are the red flag signs for each trimester. 

All this is done in a bid to prepare oneself for pregnancy and motherhood. It’s definitely very important. Here i am going to tell you about a few things that will help you in your journey of motherhood. And yes these things do help. 

If you are one of those kind of people who learn while on the job, then know this- motherhood and parenting isn’t the one. Here you have to know things in advance, keep learning about child rearing, reading about whats right and what’s not. Because if you go wrong, then the price for your mistakes will be borne by the kids.

So let’s dive right in, help you get your head in the game.

  1. Consulting with your doctor
  2. Online research
  3. Discussing with your partner
  4. Attending antenatal classes
  5. Self affirmations and a positive attitude towards labor 
  6. Reading positive birth stories of other mothers

1.Consulting with your doctor.

Being a physician, I know the impact, our advice and talks can have, on patient minds.

A doctor is the best source of information. One who can clear all your irrational doubts as well as legitimate concerns, with solidarity.

So even before your start googling your symptoms of morning sickness, weakness or swelling of your feet, let it pass by your doctor. She/he will help you relax, and explain about the precautions to be taken during these times. 

My personal advice to all ‘moms to be’ is –

stay happy and relaxed because a happy mother equals a healthy baby.

2.Online research.

Quiet a controversial, yet unavoidable option in today’s times. It would be immature to not include this one in our list. Almost every single one of us has googled some or the other symptom of ours, at some point in time.

There is no harm in doing so, what’s important is, the source of information that you choose to believe.

I personally would say pregnancy as such, is a very trivial time. Risking things by googling symptoms is simply not affordable, because there is a human life at stake.

If there is an unusual symptom that needs to be addressed, then run it by your doctor first

You can use Google safely to read about the negative/red flag signs that need to be looked into 

For eg. If you have had swelling of feet throughout out your Pregnancy and in your third trimester, you started getting a headache and blurring of vision then you should rush to your doctor. Because it could be PIH pregnancy induced hypertension. 

You could read about the symptoms of PIH from the internet and then look out for them. But at the moment when your are having these, you need to rush to your doctor, rather than google.

3.Discussing with your partner

A very important part of mental preparation is having a support system at home. Your mother-in-law is best bid on this one ! Ha ha just joking. Its your life partner. Not only because they can come to the labour room and provide support but because they have been there through your ups and downs of pregnancy. They have seen you in your worse and best times.

I made it a ritual to discuss about our labour plan with my husband frequently. Things we wanted during our labour, type of pain relief options we would choose. That caesarean section was a complete no until the baby’s or my life is at stake and things like that. Just keep talking about labour. Your mind knows then, what’s going to be in store for the body, in the coming few weeks.

get more help in your post partum days from this article. https://doctormommyspeaks.com/70-tips-and-products-to-make-your-postpartum-journey-easier/

4.Attending ante natal classes.

This is a great option as it helps first time moms to help get some perspective on the whole labour thing. Not to mention the active involvement of the husband that it demands during exercise sessions. 

These classes have multiple sessions and they enlightenment you on safe labour practices, preventing tearing during labour, and build up your strength for the hard-work. They provide with regular breathing exercises as well as exercises of the hip that help in opening up the pelvis for labour.

Before opting for an ante natal class consult with your physician/ gynecologist as each pregnancy is different and high risk pregnancies are not adviced to attend such classes.

5.Practicing Self affirmations and having a positive attitude towards labour.

 I am a realist, not those dreamer kinds. So when i came across this method i put it last on my list. But this method helped me the most. My husband took charge of preparing my mind for labour by inducing positive self affirmations in me daily. By telling me ‘you got this mama’ ‘ it will be over before you know it’ ‘it will be the easiest and quickest labour the nurses came across’ and i’d laugh on that…. But it sure did help. 

6.Reading positive birth stories of other mothers

Reading birth stories of other mothers has long been a method of labour preparation for moms. But off late moms out there have been narrating all sorts of birth stories, positive and negative, horrifying ones too. Try to keep yourself away from negative stories and experiences of other people. They can have a negative impact on your mind set. 

Talking of sharing positive birth stories here a hilarious one, that’s mine and i hope it helps you. You got this mama !

My whole life up till now has not been less than that of a movie story and so has been my birth story.

This blog is a humble reminder of how blessed my life has been, its meant to inspire people out there with similar apprehensions.

This ones for my personal documentation, because i would never ever want to forget this one memory… because i have almost forgotten my first borns birth story yes u read it right… Its all a blurr. So here it goes. Yet another proof that all that pain and hard labour is just temporary, and you wont remember any of it.

Just like a Hollywood movie

Story begins at 12am in the night with a sick toddler who kept crying up till am. Frm abdominal pain… Crying and wailing in the middle of the night from colic. He just wouldn’t stop. We had tried everything. Anti colic drops, abdominal exercises, a walk outside, but nothing seemed to have helped. Finally his pain stopped at around 3:00am and he went to sleep on his own.

When he finally passed out, My labor pains began and escalated with in half hr.
I shouted at a passed out, half dead, tired husband to get the car started and he’s still asleep, not able to comprehend- asking “what what!” With another shout from me and finally at 3:30 am its me, my labor bag, hubby and my bro (my partner in crime) in the car.
Shouting n wailing in the car, because my contractions had begun and were getting stronger by the minute, We reached the hospital in 10 mins and i was a whopping 8 cm.
Long story short to cut the horrendous details for those non medicos out there. I delivered a princess at 4:04 am within 6 mins. Like my husband said, it will be over before know it, and it did.

A big thankyou to my gynecologist who drove as fast as she could and reached in time, in the middle of the night to attend me. (Hats off to all gynecologists out there), to the loving staff nurses, you all really helped even when i was rowdy, voilent and trying to throw the IV stand away. Thankyou.

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