3 Diabetic-Friendly Ingredients To Include In Navratri Fasts

3 Diabetic-Friendly Ingredients To Include In Navratri Fasts

Being a diabetic doesn’t mean you miss out on the cultures and traditions that you have been following for years. 

Navratri is a widely celebrated festival in India. From Maharashtrians to Gujaratis, and Bengalis, this festival is practised with similar vigour and charm amongst all cultures. 

Fasting is uniformly discouraged by medical professionals for diabetics but if you still wish to fast then you should know what happens to your body when you fast. Here is a Physician’s guide to fasting during Navratri being a diabetic. Fasting definitely has tons of benefits for an individual but if you are a diabetic and you aren’t doing it right then there is a lot that can go wrong. You should know what happens to your body when you fast, in order to fully comply with the treatment plan given to you. 

There are two key components to fasting being a diabetic 

1. Adhering to a diet

2. Regular monitoring of blood sugars. 

what foods are healthiest for diabetics who are fasting

There are some do’s and don’ts for diabetics who fast, you should follow them and life won’t seem that tough. Keeping complications away should be your primary goal when it comes to fasting. As there are tons of things that can go wrong when a diabetic fasts like dehydration, diabetic ketoacidosis, thrombosis, increased/ decreased blood sugar levels, etc. knowing the warning signs is one thing that can help you up to your fasting game this Navratri.

Here’s what you came for. The food items that are safe for diabetics during Navratri. 

1. Kuttu (buckwheat) 

It is known for containing slow-release carbohydrates which are very important in helping you maintain a steady blood sugar level. It also contains micronutrients like magnesium and manganese necessary for good digestion of carbohydrates. Kuttu ticks all the boxes for an ideal food item for diabetics in fasts. The highlight of this grain is that it is high in fibre and has a low glycemic index. In simpler terms, you will have a feeling of fullness for a long time without shooting up your sugars. There are quite a number of appetizing Navratri specials that are made using kuttu like kuttu ka dosa, kuttu ki poori, etc. The food you eat affects your mood, by way of signals send by the gut bacteria. Gut bacteria play an important role in building your immunity and helping you loose weight.

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2. Singhara (water chestnut) 

Singhaara is a fruit that gains its due popularity only in the form of flour. It is an all-time favourite during the fasting season. Being a healthy and yummy alternative to traditional wheat flour, it is a perfect choice for diabetics. There are dozens of yummy preparations that can be made using singhara flour like cheela, parathas rather than making pooris which taste yum but are unhealthy. 

what happens when a diabetic fasts?

3. Ragi (finger millet)

This tiny grain is packed with nutrients and has an energy dense calorie profile. It has a better nutritive profile as compared to rice, maize or wheat. Since it is too tiny to be polished, it retains all the nutrients. Ragi flour is a good substitute for traditional grains as it is a rich source of calcium, amino acids and polyphenols. It is high in dietary fibres that help keep cravings at bay by giving you a feeling of fullness. Fun fact: both ragi and singhara are gluten-free safe alternatives. Yummy dishes like ragi roti, ragi oats ladoo, dosa or baked ragi chakli can be made using this whole grain.

Hope you have a healthy Navratri 2020,

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  1. Blogaberry Foo

    oh these are some good tips for those who fast during these festival days without knowing the impact on their health. will forward this to friends.

    1. Disha

      These are very useful tips for fasting with diabetes. We always prefer Kuttu at home for its health benefits.

  2. Urvashi Nenawati

    This is perfect way to watch over sugar and carbs. My carb intake is low and I have also started replacing sugar with stevia. Do you also suggest stevia in diet is better?

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Yes definitely. Infact plant based sugars like stevia ade best alternatives to traditional artificial sweetners that claim to be zero calorie

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