10 Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight For Stay At Home Moms

10 Most Effective Ways To Lose Weight For Stay At Home Moms

In this article, I will share with you the 10 Most Effective Ways For Weight Loss which helped me lose those unwanted pounds as a Stay At Home Mom in my post partum period.

Being a mom, health and fitness are somethings that end up at the bottom of our priority list. But this cannot be neglected for long given the fact that a mom’s job is the most stressful job on the planet. You work 24×7 , 365 days a year, without a single leave and you don’t even get paid for it.

Putting hours in the gym doing cardio is out of question. Also, going on strict diets which leave you famished, doesn’t seem to be a good idea as many of us are breastfeeding and that will hamper your milk supply. Moms need something that helps them lose weight without stripping us off of our energy stores.

“Eating right and not eating less is the kind of diet we need,

coupled with light warm up exercises, to keep the body flexible. “

Before we get to the list, let me tell you that you might feel like you know this stuff, you have read it a hundred times. But trust me, these ways of losing weight are the safest, trusted by physicians for years, advised in clinical practice and prevent any rebound weight gain.


  1. Increase your protein intake
  2. Drink water
  3. Fat burning drinks
  4. Aerobic exercises
  5. Eat smaller, frequent portions
  6. Inculcate a sleep schedule
  7. Food charting
  8. Be consistent


  1. Don’t eat processed food.
  2. Don’t eat sugar.
  3. Don’t graze from your kids leftovers.
  4. Don’t starve yourself.
  5. Don’t consume alcohol.

Bonus tips to give you a head start.

  • Get dressed as soon as you wake up, its actually about changing your mindset. half the race is won in the mind and rest half on the ground.
  • Put the kids on a sleep schedule. For those moms who have more than one kid, i feel you. it feels like you don’t have time to breathe, let alone a shower or a workout. In such cases nap time are the only times when we can squeeze in a workout.
  • Being mindful of your goals is of utmost importance. It will help you in the long run, and help you be consistent.
  • Subtle lifestyle changes
  • You know yourself best and also what suits you. some might prefer a half hour heavy weight lifting to be more productive than an hours cardio done at home with the baby.
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  1. Nils

    Nice post. Discipline is important, I like what you said about half the battle is won in the mind – 100% agree.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Thankyou so much. And yes its all the mental preparation that makes us win the game

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      There are tons of fat loss drinks like green tea, apple cider vinegar drinks , ginger tea but these have to be used in conjunction with exercise and a healthy diet ro reap maximum benefits

  2. vartika

    A useful post for the people trying to lose weight, i love the point that you mentioned, “dont starve” its a myth that people actually dont understand.

  3. Lavanya

    Loved the part about dressing up as soon as you wake up. Great post.

  4. Getting dressed up for yourself really does wonders. I am doing it during lockdown too.

  5. gemini1420

    Nice tips for new moms to try and reduce weight!

  6. nooranandchawla

    I really appreciate your short, succinct and practical advice. You’re right, we must learn to prioritise ourselves.

  7. Vashi

    This is exactly what i needed to hear right now. Need to really plan my day in accordance. Great tips n tricks

  8. mominprocessnow

    Very helpful points.although I am not on a weight loss spree but I do want to lose some extra body fat..

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Moderate exercise for minimum 20 mins a day along with a healthy diet can do wonders

  9. Sushmita Malakar

    Very practical and easy to follow things! I think most of the moms end up grazing from their kid’s leftovers! Nice post 🙂

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Yes and that accounts for tons of weight gain n extra pounds

  10. Shipra Trivedi

    This post is for me, really. After my second delivery in the month of May and being a lockdown I still have so much to shed as pregnancy weight gain. Slowly I am trying to achieve my goals.

    1. Dr. Rahat Sayyad

      Hope you reach a healthy weight goal but take it easy on your self and relax.

  11. Mayuri6

    Discipline and Routine are the most important things to inculcate any new habit. Good post that will serve as a good guide.

  12. vidhya29

    Bookmarking it for my sister

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